Julehilsen fra IAMLs sekretær Pia Shekther med en opsumering af IAMLs udvikling på det seneste.



Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank you very much for 2015 and wish you all the best for the coming year!

It is indeed an exciting time to be the Secretary General of IAML! I am very proud of what we have already accomplished during the process of restructuring our Association. 



* One of the most important innovations, I think, is the establishment of the Forum of National Representatives and the Forum of Commissions and Branches. I believe that these groups will play an increasingly important role for IAML.



* We have an attractive new website with lots of contributions from members. 



* We have a fantastic Web Editor, Jennifer Ward. For the time being she and the web team are working hard with transferring material from the old website to the new. As soon as this gigantic task is completed Jennifer has promised to continue her much appreciated "Friday News".



* We have an active Facebook page and a dynamic Twitter channel. The amount of "followers" is increasing day by day. Eric Mortensen, our new Assistant Web Editor, is yet another gem. 



* Fontes has been accepted in Project Muse, which will help to make IAML more visible. And we will finally be able to offer electronic access to the membership journal.


* We have new national branches in Korea and Brazil and a Chinese music library association has been established that wants to be a member of IAML! Important contacts in Africa have made during my recent participation at the IMC (International Music Council) General Assembly in Rabat, Morocco. The Outreach Committee is already involved in the plans to establish a Pan African Music Library in Brazzaville, Kongo!

* The amount of attendees at IAML's congresses is stable and the congress surveys show that the attendees are very satisfied.

* We can look forward to exciting new congresses:

   2016 - Rome, Italy
   2017 - Riga, Latvia
   2018 - Leipzig, Germany

I hope you feel as inspired as I do:-)! 

Happy Holidays,
Pia Shekhter
Secretary General, IAML

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